How To Make Jewel Truffles

I started this blog thinking it wasn’t going to be about sweet delights, but more about life in general. How ironic that I’m currently writing a post about sweet delights: Jewel Truffles. Scrumdiliumptious… Continue reading

On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

Originally posted on Juliana Chang:
Originally published on Growing up as an Asian American, I knew I would never have the long legs or double lidded blue eyes of the models that…

Coast to Coast

I’m a person who knows people, and yet, I know no one. I currently live in a part of OC, where you’re close enough to hear the crashing waves, but far enough to… Continue reading

Love Yourself

Have you ever made a simple mistake and have it haunt you for days, or even years? Every time I’ve made a mistake, I’ve always had a constant mind battle between whether I… Continue reading

Freedom Can Be Sweet

  Slavery is a very broad and controversial subject that’s included in our world history and cultural textbooks, but what most people forget… is that it’s still happening today. I’ve been reading The Narrative of… Continue reading

I’ll Meet You There

Oh the places you’ll go. Whether you go high or whether you go “low,” you’re still going to end up somewhere. After a hard day at work, school, or even being around your… Continue reading

Gifts of the Present

Presents are given to people by people; it’s as simple as that. You get a gift, and you keep it, throw it away after awhile, or give it to someone else as an… Continue reading

Just A Sprinkle

When people think of sweets, cookies, cupcakes, or brownies are usually brought to mind. When people think of delights, they usually think of fond memories or objects that bring them great joy. When… Continue reading